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You know Hatena's on its deathbed when there's suggestive spam by bots on the Flipnote Hatena Group. It's not NSFW and it's more random spam than anything else but it's pretty disgusting to past Flipnote Hatena users like me to see this happen to Hatena.

I was just visiting, and when this popped up I knew I had to speak out. It's pretty fucking sad, honestly.

Nothing really else to say, so see you in my next blogpost in 10 months.

Who were your favorite creators on Flipnote Hatena that DIDN'T join Sudomemo?

Flipnote Hatena Group

Yeah, Flipnote Hatena obviously shut down 2 years ago, obviously Sudomemo was opened a year and a half, and OBVIOUSLY ex-Hatena members joined Sudomemo.

Though there are still some flipnote Hatena veterans that haven't joined Sudomemo. And so, I feel like discussing our favorite Hatena only flipnoters.

For example, I liked McBoo, Nico Blue, Name Nom, RedVap/ScarletMew, Gizmo, Twilc, etc.

What are YOUR favorites?

Memories of Flipnote Hatena (chatroom)

Flipnote Hatena Group

Who here misses Flipnote Hatena? It's times like this where I just miss the consarn service. All the laughs, all the tears, all the memories, and all the flipnotes.

What memories of Flipnote Hatena do you cherish the most?

Flipnote 3D Movie by Me Announced!

I've been thinking for a show to work on for Flipnote Studio 3D after its announcement, and after working on a comic, I had a great idea for a Flipnote 3D movie to work on. Not much will be announced at this time, but I'll give you some hints.

*It has to do with some elements of the indecency from Flipnote Hatena
*It will be a comedy/action/adventure mix
*One of the most important plot lines of all is an extremely rare, powerful, never before seen treasure of Hatena currency
*Near the end it has to do with the end of Flipnote Hatena (May 31, 2013)
I actually find it a good idea and I can't see any other flipnote series with a similar plot.
I'm thinking about writing the summary and transcripts sometime next month (probably with assistance, I'll ask for people to write it with me), the storyboards after writing is complete, and I'm considering on starting to animate it sometime in the future after Flipnote 3D's release.
I'll share it on Flipnote Gallery: Friends with my Nintendo 3DS registered friends and on YouTube.